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Standard pouring cell

Developed for the production of parts in small series, this cell has been designed for foundries with particularly disparate manual productions.

Cellule de coulée standard

Higher quality and efficiency

Thanks to that cell, the alloy picking and pouring are automatically done without any intervention from the operator.

This frees up the operator to perform other tasks in hidden time and increases the efficiency of the entire molding process.

In addition, the repeatability of the tasks performed by the robot and the possibility to monitor some process parameters such as the alloy temperature and the time spent by the alloy in the ladle improve the control of the molding process and leads to a significant evolution of the quality of the parts produced.

The solution for your HR issues

Thanks to the automation of the casting process, you can spare your employees from a particularly physically demanding activity.

You will consequently make the position of caster more accessible to different profiles and broaden the potential profiles for your recruitments.

And don't forget the gains in occupational illnesses and MSDs avoided!