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Die casting machines

Tailor-made according to the specifications and specific needs of the customer, our die casting machines are designed using proven technical solutions that comply with foundry constraints.
Modular and flexible, our die casting machines fit with fix or tilting casting processes and can carry several dies.

Thanks to their thermocouple wiring and their compatibility with automatic heating (electric or gas) and cooling (air and/or water) systems for the dies, it is possible to precisely manage the dies temperature and to satisfy the highest process requirements.
The heating and cooling systems can be on-board equipments of the die casting machine or installed next to this one into the molding station.

Our die casting machines can be equipped with special kits to be move and connect them to energy supply (air, water, gas, hydraulics, electricity) without tools. This kit allows a very quick substitution of the die casting machines on the casting station in order to carry out non-production operations on the machine without degrading the productivity of the line.
Good to know
Die tilting
  • 5 tilting phases settable with speed and position - Possibility to increase the number of phases on special request
  • Hydraulic tilting using proportional valve and position reading by angular measuring sensor
  • Electric tilting using servo-motor with closed loop control
Multiple dies
  • Holds from 1 to 4 dies
  • Dedicated studies for the number of dies to hold based on the process and overall dimension constraints on special request.
  • Die/machine mechanical interface designed based on die drawing
Cooling devices
  • Air, Water or Air+Water cooling technology
  • Independent cooling circuits with automatic start, stop and flow (and/or pressure) monitoring on each circuit
  • Automatic circuits draining (optional, available for water cooling)
  • Flow and/or pressure settable manually or automatically with feedback control system