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Reaching up to 10m in diameter, our carousels are separated into equal sectors (or stations) independent and secured from each other

Each station has its own energies supply (Hydraulic Oil, Water, Air, Gas, Electricity) and its own connection to the fieldbus of the casting line. Which allows installation of any type of die casting machine and compatibility with all die thermic management processes (water and/or air cooling; gas or electric heating)
The use of an electric slip ring dedicated to the field bus enables centralized management of the die casting machines directly from the main PLC. However, die casting machines with their own PLC can be installed on our carousels as well.
At last, our carousels can be equipped with rails and quick plugs in order to allow fast die casting machine change during production.

Good to know
  • Total payload 80 Tons
  • From 4 to 10 stations on the table
  • Rotation 6°/s
  • Acceleration / Deceleration 3°/s²
  • Rotary inlet for 6 energies (P ; T ; Cold water ; Hot water ; Air ; Gas)
  • Electric slip ring with high power rings and a dedicated ring to the fieldbus