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Casting carousel

Ideal solution for mass production, the architecture of our carousels (number of stations, ancillary equipment, etc.) is defined with our customers in the pre-project phase according to the process constraints (solidification time, quantity of metal to be poured per cycle, etc.) and the operations to be carried out (core-setting, part marking, quality control, etc.).

Chantier de moulage CARROUSEL

For very high effciencies

The carousel concept for casting induces identical timing and cycle times on all die casting machines in production.

This guarantees identical operating times on each moulding machine and implies a repeatability of the cycles allowing to reach very high efficiency levels.

Keeping in view flexibility

Although constraining in terms of cycle time due to their intrinsic concept, our carousels respond to multiple flexibility constraints by allowing the simultaneous production of distinct references as much in terms of casting parameters as in terms of the number of dies in production on each die casting machine.

Not to mention the possibility of producing simultaneously with different grades of alloys !