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Carousel line upgrade for production of new parts

Modification carrousel existant - vue d'ensemble

Initial step

Existing 6 position Carousel line working for several years.
It is equiped with fix die casting machines with single die.
The pouring and extraction operations are automatic (done on 2 consecutives position on the carousel).

Project scope
Needs expressed in the technical specifications
  • Following a production change on the means, the casting process must be modified to switch to tilting process and add an automatic core-setting operation
  • In order to respect the quantity of part to be produced, it will be necessary to install 3 dies on each die casting machin
  • Possibility to work with 1 ; 2 or 3 dies o a same die casting machine
  • The new parts require a finer control of the casting parameters as well as a rather long solidification time implying to dedicate 4 stations of the carousel to solidification
  • Core-setting and extraction made on the same carousel position
  • Carousel works by recipe
Proposal retained by the customer
  • Removal of the existing extraction cell
  • Integration of 2 new core-setting and extraction cells
  • Cores supply by a 2-position table allowing the loading of the cores by the operator in masked time
  • Hydraulic tilting die casting machines with tilting management by proportional solenoid valve
  • Replacement of die casting machine control electrical cabinets with new ones allowing tilting management and process parameters monitoring
SOFIMA services
Mechanical studies
  • Layout (2D and 3D)
  • 2 position table for core supply
  • Core-setting cell
  • Extraction cell
  • Tilting die casting machines managing 3 independent dies each
  • Product / proces interfaces (grippers, fixtures for cores and cast parts)
  • PArt output and engraving station
  • Production line safety - peripheral protections
Electrical studies
  • Eletrical cabinets for core-setting and extraction cells
  • Die casting machine electrical cabinets
  • Existing electrical cabinet integration
  • Safety of the whole production line according to CE standard
Automation and robotic studies
  • Core-settng and extraction robot programming
  • Integration in existing software
  • Existing software upgrade for production by recipes
  • Die casting machine programming
  • HMI and supervision programming - Industry 4.0
  • Safety programming according to CE standard
  • Fanuc anthropomorphic robot
  • Core table
  • Core-setting gripper
  • Extraction gripper
  • Outut part and engraving station
  • Electrical cabinets and boxes
  • Pneumatic manifold and feeding circuit for cells air supply
  • Electrical and mechanical safeties (mesh protection, automatic doors, ...)
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Piping and pneumatic connection
  • Electrical wiring
  • Input / Output testing
  • Robot commissioning (frame setup, trajectories checking, ...)
  • Dry runs
  • 1st pouring
  • Run at rate
  • Ramping up
Industry 4.0
  • Integration to the existing factory supervision with with creation of more than 500 accessible parameters
Documentation and CE declaration
  • User manual on paper and electronic support in 2 languages (manufacturer and user)
  • Maintenance manual on paper and electronic support in 2 languages (manufacturer and user)
  • Assemblies and sub-assemblies drawings
  • Spare part list
  • Complete nomenclature
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic drawings
  • Electric drawings of the new cells and die casting machines
  • Existing electrical drawings update