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Linear Gantry

Internally designed, our linear gantry has been developed to guarantee a high level of service in production conditions specific to the foundry made of significant temperature variations and dusty environments.
Its robust and precise design, added to its numerically controlled axis latst generation, makes it possible to perform complex movements (interpolations) while guaranteeing precision and repeatability of positioning, including applications with short cycle times accumulating numerous movement sequences
Thanks to its telescopic vertical axis, our gantry is able to ensure long vertical stroke even in buildings that do not benefit from a high roof height.
Its high load capacity makes it possible to install complex grippers and move heavy loads without degrading its technical characteristics.

Fully modular, it is possible to add to the two main axes (horizontal and vertical translations) a rotation axis allowing to move the gripper around the vertical axis as well as an auxiliary linear axis for extending the gripper. The addition of these axes makes it possible to increase the flexibility and the field of use of our gantry while limiting the overall size of the gantry.
Each gantry being tailor-made, its horizontal and vertical runs are adapted so as to adhere perfectly to the constraints of the application for which it is used.
Made of modular blocks, the strokes of an existing gantry can be easily modified in the event of a change in its use.

Good to know
  • Maximal linear speed 5m/s
  • Acceleration / Deceleration 5m/s²
  • Payload 400kg (may be higher depending on gantry configuration)