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Ancillary equipments

In addition to its main products, Sofima offers equipment to complete and make its production lines more flexible, such as:

  • Core setting station. Done of transfer table or shuttle and fixtures for the cores, it allos to place the cores and assemblee it (manually or automatically) in masked time and to place to cores for the robot picking.
  • Part exit station. This station allows to take out the parts from the normal workflow in case of scrap parts or for frequential quality controls. Some more elaborated stations allow the reintroduction of parts for degraded production as well.
  • Die casting machine transfer shuttle. This device allows to take out the die casting machine from the production line without impacting the line efficiency. It is mainly used for maintenance works on the die or the machine.
  • Automatic doors. These automated accesses make it possible to secure the operator's entry into the die casting machine working area without interrupting operations taking place in other areas of the production line.
  • ...
Equipements Annexes
Good to know

These equipments, which are most often special machines, are designed and produced according to the specific needs of each customer.
Designed as independent elements, they are supplied with the equipment (control, sensors, etc.) necessary for their operation and, if necessary, with their own CE certificate. They can thus be incorporated into any type of production line.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a feasibility study.